Executive Spotlight: Daniel Fung – American Made Vape Inc.

What does the future of the regulated cannabis industry look like to you and your company? 

If the next elected POTUS views Legalization as the means by which to stimulate an economic recovery from the financial hardships of the coronavirus pandemic, then I feel we’re all looking at stricter regulations to operate under in the future, while simultaneously gaining banking and cross state shipping which are significant wins for bo

How should entrepreneurs best position themselves for success in the regulated cannabis industry? 

I think that entrepreneurs should be re-evaluating their vape cart supply chain decisions as the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the wisdom in learning to be less reliant on overseas suppiers. 

What are you hoping to gain from your partnership with MJClick?

Broad exposure to the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries to spread awareness that an American Made Vape cart company exists and will soon be an at-scale supply chain option for licensed businesses across all three industries. 

What are the key issues your company is currently facing related to medical cannabis in the workplace?

The main concern I have as a company stems from employees potentially driving to/from work appointments while ‘medically’ impaired, and the legal liability ramifications of them being charged with driving ‘while under the influence’ while also being technically “on the clock” for the company.

What are the most significant hurdles you see the cannabis industry facing in the coming year? 

China CBD isolate has thus far crushed the international trade market for that product, thankfully the industry’s consumers are savvy and gravitating towards full spectrum extraction as consumers are demanding the medicinal “entourage” effect of full spectrum hemp CBD exctrations and rejecting isolate. However, China is learning less

How do you see your company adapting to the ongoing compliance issues related to a growing industry such as legal cannabis?

I see my company joining a standards organization and adopting their recommended stringent set of standards with which to operate and encourage other companies in the space to follow suit, as I truly feel that it’s the brands that can successfully grow within strict regulated market structures are the ones that will drive the most sustaina

Where do you see the biggest profit centers coming from in the regulated cannabis industry?

I see co-operative backend co-packing operations that help successful small to medium size businesses scale up as their brands grow as the biggest potential profit centers for the regulated cannabis industry because implementing SOP’s to oblige stricter operating regulations is costly and difficult to execute alone, by banding together and fo

Do you intend to educate your employees and make them aware of the medical benefits of cannabis?

Yes, I’m a medical patient in my own home state, and I fully intend to educate my employees and make them aware of the

What do you see the role of technology playing in the cannabis industry moving forward?

I personally would be really excited to see bar code scan data proliferate our industry more so that metrics and data mining is more conducive. 

As an executive, how do you feel about the possibility of your employees taking a THC infused medical cannabis product during work hours?

As an executive I’m okay with my employees taking a THC infused medical cannabis product during work hours, if it has been recommended by a medical practitioner for the patient. I am more open to work hours consumption of CBD products over THC infused medical cannabis products, but after-hours I don’t care.