Python Extraction Systems was founded by a team with aggressive innovations goals in mind for the hemp and cannabis industry.  Our team has combined over 40 years of experience and have worked in a variety of specialty industries developing and commercializing technologies.

Python Extraction Systems is a global leader in extraction equipment and technologies.  Our systems are engineered systems, designed with safety, optimization, and ease of use in mind.  Our team of mechanical, electrical, controls, and chemical engineers ensure our equipment and process technology is the latest technology, and innovation is what fuels us.  Our global footprint allows us to ship, install, train customers, and service our equipment anywhere in the world.

Our team consists of experienced mechanical, chemical, electrical and process engineers who have designed the safest, most efficient extraction equipment in the world.  Safety is of the upmost importance to our team.

Our team strives for continuous improvement and the development of new and improved systems and technologies.  The belief to always strive for better is one of the foundations which we are built on.

Technical Expertise
We pride ourselves on our technical expertise.  We have an on demand technical help line, which is available to assist with questions on processes and equipment.

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