NY Hemp Campus is located within the New York Center for Innovation in Pearl River, NY. The Innovation Center is a 2,000,000 sf former Pfizer Manufacturing and R&D campus located 25 miles from NYC. Most recently Pfizer manufactured Prevnar cancer vaccine and Centrum vitamins on campus. Because of the pharmaceutical manufacturing background, we can offer over 1,500,000 sf of the following types of buildings and amenities: GMP Laboratory space including hoods, autoclaves, air/gas/vacuum and chill rooms. Other services include R & D, Vivarium, Office, GMP Consumer Packaging, GMP Warehouse, GMP Formulation and Manufacturing. Finally, the campus has a 20 megawatt cogeneration plant- creating all electric, steam and chilled water on campus. We are able to offer below market utility rates, and redundant and dual fed power systems. All of the GMP infrastructure is in place and we are able to offer you SPEED to MARKET.

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Pearl River, NY, USA

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