AmeriVacS is a manufacturer of high performance vacuum sealers with gas purge for all heat-sealable bags. The company has over 30 years of design, manufacturing and application experience that began with the industry's first tabletop compressed air driven vacuum sealer. AmeriVacS' vacuum sealers are always in stock, have a two-year limited warranty and are proudly made in the United States.

Our quality vacuum sealers are the result from experience. Experience that began with the design of the industry’s first tabletop compressed-air driven vacuum sealer. Experience that led to the formation of AmeriVacS that focuses on making vacuum sealers that exceed industry standards in design integrity, component quality, speed, and fail-safe mechanisms. Experience that is evident in every sealer we make, from our very first to our newest vacuum sealer. Experience is the reason AmeriVacS continues to be the first in the industry for design innovation, quality, and speed.

Do not risk your company’s reputation on an inferior vacuum seal. Ask today about our 1-week trial program and decide for yourself why AmeriVacS vacuum sealers are simply the best.

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