An elegant fusion of science and design

Introducing the Jupiter Liquid Platform, a revolutionary new vaping system designed to maintain the quality and high standards of your premium extracts. Jupiter’s unique architecture balances technology and design in a remarkably simple form. The unparalleled performance bridges the gap between your oil and the consumer experience

An Industry Partner with Experience and Dedication.

At Jupiter Research, we design, develop and manufacture vaporization technology hardware for plant-based oil extractors. As your partner, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide high performance state-of-the-art solutions, allowing extractors to focus on their craft and leave the hardware to us.

Form Follows Function.

The modern consumers’ demand for purity is a challenge for the hardware available today. Jupiter’s technology is engineered for a range of viscosities, giving the extractor a high-performance vehicle to deliver their oils. Our goal is to consistently maintain the efficacy and flavor originally intended by the extractor.

As the United States and countries around the world have acknowledged the benefits of vaping, Jupiter Research is positioned to provide advanced vaping hardware technology for premium oil consumption.

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