Executive Spotlight: TJ Harnden – Kaya Packaging

What does the future of the regulated cannabis industry look like to you and your company?

Currently we produce safe guard, tamper evident and CR certified packaging for the cannabis space. Because we are a US manufacture we can control cost and complete quicker turn times for businesses

How should entrepreneurs best position themselves for success in the regulated cannabis industry? 

Be prepared for the ever changing laws and growing industry. High risk high reward industry with many setbacks to be prepared for.

What are you hoping to gain from your partnership with MJClick?

Leads that turn to ROI, similar to our experiences from being live at EXPOS.

What are the key issues your company is currently facing related to medical cannabis in the workplace?

We are currently having a tough time generating new leads and growing with the market.

What are the most significant hurdles you see the cannabis industry facing in the coming year? 

Opening state line laws as well as black market hurdles that limit the potential to those who are doing business the right way.

How do you see your company adapting to the ongoing compliance issues related to a growing industry such as legal cannabis?

Packaging is simple. Certifications are put in place to uphold the standards of keeping our children safe.

Where do you see the biggest profit centers coming from in the regulated cannabis industry?

Growers and Processors will be the light. Direct dealings with decision makers from their hubs would produce the most significant ROI.

Do you intend to educate your employees and make them aware of the medical benefits of cannabis?

We have ongoing executive meetings educating on the ever evolving market.

What do you see the role of technology playing in the cannabis industry moving forward?

We currently use many programs that help standardize work flow process and help us see trends in the market.

As an executive, how do you feel about the possibility of your employees taking a THC infused medical cannabis product during work hours?

We don’t allow the use of any products during work hours unless otherwise directed by a physician.

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