New Effective Natural Pain Relief

Essential Wellness & Consulting in Maplewood, NJ announced Ethereal Enchantress product line. This new product line consists of body butters, bath salts, bath bombs, bar soaps and oils that are infused with Cannabis, Essential Oils, and herbs. These products have been helping clients regain function and control over areas affected by Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain related to Arthritis and other inflammatory processes. The bath salts are great to soak in after a long stressful day or before bed to fight insomnia. Ethereal Enchantress offers a new way for individuals suffering with pain to manage pain naturally.

“Before releasing the Ethereal Enchantress product line it was very important to ensure the products were effective, we have had a number of client from the health care workers to the elderly that have seen positive results ” says Sharnette Johnson, RN, Owner at Essential Wellness & Consulting. 

Features and benefits of Topical products include.

  • Pain relief within 10-15 minutes of application
  • Restful night’s sleep
  • Natural products

Topical products are available starting at $50. For more information on Cannabis infused products, visit 

Essential Wellness & Consulting is a company started by Sharnette Johnson, RN. Sharnette has worked in different areas of Nursing and became frustrated with the lack of natural pain management therapies. She herself is a sufferer of chronic pain and anxiety. Sharnette felt it was absolutely necessary to find a way for her and others to regain control of their pain and anxiety through natural means.

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